Asset Management

In 1949, ADIG launched the first German fund company ever in the Bavarian state capital. Today, asset management companies held by Munich companies manage clearly over a trillion Euro, one of the highest values worldwide. This high level is attributable to several factors:
  1. The innovative skills of Bavarian asset management companies. They have been successful in rapidly recognizing or creating trends and in developing new products as needed that set the standards. Accordingly, the first open real estate fund and the first money market funds, for example, originated in Munich. And more recently, Munich companies helped exchange traded funds and total return bond funds break through in Germany. In addition, the industry is very actively pushing the introduction of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).
  2. The financial strength of Bavarian (financial services) groups.The biggest Bavarian asset management companies manage not only funds for private and institutional investors, but also a major portion of the assets of their respective Groups.
  3. The high quality of the assets managers working in the Munich financial center. Among other things, this is shown in the fact that many of the funds managed by Bavarian companies distinguish themselves in the pertinent performance ratings – and in addition to the major, group-related companies, quite a few of the most renowned private German asset managers are headquartered in Munich. This includes, for example, Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG and FIDUKA Depotverwaltung.
The financial center also has major importance for closed-end funds – some of Germany's largest issuing houses are at home here. One of them is KGAL GmbH & Co. KG. Based in Grünwald, KGAL has been providing investors with intelligent solutions to invest their equity in real investments for more than 40 years and is among the leading companies in the closed-end funds market.