Personal statement – Sandra Nulty, Allianz

Sandra NultyI first moved to Munich in January 2004 from Dublin, where I was working for Allianz Ireland. I stayed in Munich until the end of the ‘04 then worked for Allianz in Singapore during ’05, before returning to Munich in January of this year. Munich is a home away from home to me now… initially moving to Munich/Allianz HQ was a decision of the head rather than the heart – nowadays, I like to think it’s both.

How would you evaluate the leisure facilities and cultural offers in Munich? What’s your favourite place to go?

  1. Organised leisure facilities are quite expensive such as gym membership / horse-riding etc however, the various parks and indoor/outdoor swimming facilities are great.
  2. Cultural offers are of a very high standard, and relatively inexpensive. I really enjoy visiting the numerous museums and the beautiful castles in and around Munich.

How would you describe the city and the mentality of its inhabitants?

The city is:

  1. Safe
  2. Clean
  3. Beautiful
  4. Excellent transport system

The inhabitants are:

  1. Extremely nice but difficult to get to know
  2. Not overly proud of their nationality, this increased during the World Cup
    but I feel it’s lapsing again
  3. Sincere
  4. Quite serious
  5. Well organised and active
  6. Always willing and eager to speak English.

Which advice would you give newcomers?

  1. Give yourself a couple of months to settle in
  2. Take German lessons before and when you move
  3. Speak to people who’ve lived here before, or live here now, and get recommendations from them regarding, doctors / dentists etc.
  4. If you’re not (an English) a German speaker, stock up on your DVD collection as English TV is not always available
  5. Try not to stick to the “expat” scene – make German friends too
  6. Buy a bicycle, it’s a must!!
  7. Travel as much as possible as the transport systems in and around Germany are great

What would you like to do in Munich if you had 4 hours to spend?

  1. Meet friends for a coffee
  2. Shop
  3. Walk in the English Garden

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