Asset management: large and innovative

In 1949, the Munich-based ADIG launched Germany’s first asset management company. Munich-based companies now manage assets worth well over 1 trillion euros.

This international-leading position is attributable to the adeptness shown by Bavaria’s asset management companies in anticipating trends and in rapidly turning these perceptions into innovative and standard-setting products. Among them: open-end real estate and money market funds. It was Munich-based companies which pioneered in Germany exchange traded and total return bond funds.

The high quality of Munich’s asset managers is attested by the high ratings conferred upon the funds managed by them – and by the trust accorded to them by private and institutional investors, with the latter including major corporations and financial service providers.

This position of leadership extends to closed-end funds, with several of Germany’s most important issuers being based in Munich.

KGAL GmbH & Co. KG for example has ben one of the leading for closed-end funds for years.

Munich’s innovations in asset management
From Munich, in Munich