Munich: top-ranked city in a top-ranked state

Many rankings are compiled of Germany’s cities and states. Each employs a proprietary methodology. All these rankings have one thing in common: they accord the top spots to Munich and to Bavaria.

The rankings’ findings: Munich has the strongest growing and performing economy of any city in Germany – and is set to retain this position in the years to come. Munich’s best-in-Germany prosperity has been accompanied by a sustained and country- best rise in employment. This trend has been experienced by the state as a whole. Over the last 30 decades, the number of gainfully employed in Bavaria has increased by approximately 23 %. This rate is nearly four times greater than that of Germany as a whole.

Top companies: One factor causing the state’s country-best rates of economic and employment growth and size is the number of major companies in the state. Of the 1,000 largest companies in Germany, some 90 are headquartered in Munich (ranking it number one among Germany’s cities), with a further 15 each being based in Nuremberg and Augsburg.

Market capitalization: These blue chips join mid-caps and small-caps in giving Munich’s business community the largest market capitalization of that of any city in Germany.

Patents registrations: The innovativeness of Bavaria’s scientific and business communities is shown by the fact that they account for one fourth of all patent applications in Germany.