Private equity and venture capital:

Germany’s leading center for private equity and venture capital

Bavaria has Germany’s largest venture capital and private equity community. It is comprised of the more than 40 VC and PE suppliers headquartered in Munich, and of the large number of companies maintaining operations and offices in the city. This large number is attributable to the size and makeup of Bavaria’s economy, whose sustained successes are a product of the predominance in it of companies active in IT, life sciences, technological service providers and other cutting edge sectors that are traditionally prime targets of VC and PE. In 2010, the VC/PE community invested some 1.1 billion euros in nearly 280 Bavarian companies.

Leasing and factoring:

Munich is home to Germany’s leaders
The Munich metropolitan area is Germany’s leading region for leasing. Germany’s Association of Leasing Companies’ 200 members account for 90% of the country’s market. Of these companies, nearly 20% are headquartered in greater Munich.

Among these Companies: LHI Leasing and Hannover Leasing which also rank among Germany's top issuers of closed-end funds.