"The best place to live in the world"

Each year, the highly-respected and London-based Monocle magazine of current events and travel ranks the world's cities according to their livability.

Repeating past performances, 2010's winner was Munich. Here's why.
  • The excellence of Munich's research community, housing, health care, airport, leisure-time options.
  • The city's extremely low rate of unemployment and crime.
  • Its steady rate of population growth.
  • Its general beauty and "feeling of Gemütlichkeit".
  • Because it's "pro-business and pro-nature".
  • The optimal way in which Munich treats small businesses.
  • The noteworthy progress achieved by Munich in meeting its ambitious climate-protection goals.

In view of this excellence, no wonder that Munich's population, in an era in which many cities are facing declines in numbers of residents, has been setting one record after another: 1.379 million as of November 2010.

New tourism records

These quality join with such don't miss attractions as the Oktoberfest, BMW Welt, the Alps, the beer gardens, the Opera Festival and many others in making Munich one of the world's greatest tourism draws.

In 2010, more tourists - 5 million - visited the city than ever before. Not only was that an all-time record, it was also one of the largest jumps in history - up 13% all told; up 20% for non-Germans.

Further Information

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