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And that's because...
Munich is highly international. Some 23% of Munich's residents are non-Germans; 40% have at least one non-German parent. Add in Germany's largest expat (expatriate) community, comprised of 4,000 Americans, 6,000 Indians, 3,500 Chinese and many other nationalities.

As the above details, the world's talented and enterprising flock to Munich. Their ranks include the scientists coming to research and teach at Munich's top-ranked universities and development centers; executives and technicians posted to the operations of Siemens, BMW and other Munich-headquartered multinationals, or to the local operations of the more than 1,000 foreign-owned companies; and entrepreneurs basing themselves in a city offering everything they need to hit the ground running.

Munich has a well-developed "international infrastructure"
Since Munich is so international, it should come as no surprise that the city has also built up such an extensive infrastructure to serve its "internationals'" needs.
The infrastructure starts with an education system featuring all of the world's major languages and extending from daycare to post-graduate studies, and includes a large number of relocation services and 78 consulates, as well as everything needed to delight the expat heart, including social clubs, associations and platforms; a cricket club and fresh bagels, and real espresso and home-made kimchi. 

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