Personal statement – Emiliano Steinfl

What do you like best about Munich?

files/fpmi/images/expatriates/emiliano_steinfl.jpgPrimarily the respect for the city of its inhabitants. The geographical position and the city connections (my favorite one is the Straßenbahn, the Tramway).

How would you evaluate the leisure facilities and cultural offers in Munich?
Maybe I am not the right person due to the fact that I am working all day and during the weekend my life is scheduled on the family timetable. I can say that I have no problem to meet every request coming from my daughters and my wife to see movies, shows, skiing, skating, bowling, basketballing, jogging, running and so on.

What’s your favourite place to go?

Bavarian and Italian restaurants, Museums and Art Galleries, Shops, Cinemas and…why not… Allianz Arena. Without forgetting the surroundings: the wonderful lake region close to Munich.

How would you describe the city and the mentality of its inhabitants?

It's a perfect mixture between small and large, regional and European, cultural and economical, traditional and innovative. In the end, it is München.

Which advice would you give newcomers?

It's not so difficult to feel at home in Munich. After having found an apartment / house where to live, everything is easier…

How does Munich differ from your previous residence?

I changed quite a lot of residences in the last years. I am used to changes. Every difference is an improvement in my understanding about Europe and its historical and future role. I can appreciate differences due to the fact that I have in my mind a lot of cities. There is no difference only in one thing: it's Europe and I am glad to be an European citizen.

Which kindergartens and schools would you recommend, and why?

It seems to me that Munich has an incredibly high birth rate because finding a free place in the kindergartens is not so easy. So my pragmatic advice is the following: the best place is the free one! As about school, my elder daughter is going to Munich International School, having the chance to improve her knowledge of English & German (in addition to Italian and Slovak). The school environment is international and less competitive than an italian one: I can appreciate a focus on opening the mind of students from different points of view (arts, music, nature, real life…).

What would you like to do in Munich if you had 4 hours to spend?

If you have 4 hours probably you landed at the Airport: it is worth a look. It is nice, user friendly, comfortable and relaxing. To me it's a world benchmark. You can spend the time between two flights there. If you arrived at the Railway Station, go out and enjoy it: it is not so common to have the chance to go around a station in a safe way…

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