Asset management – Large and innovative

The asset management companies owned by Munich enterprises manage well over a trillion euros, which is one of the highest in the world. This high level is due in part to the innovative strength of the asset management companies based in Bavaria. They are able to quickly identify or even create trends as well as develop new products that set standards and meet needs. For example, the first open-ended real estate fund and the first money market fund in Germany were Munich products. In addition, Munich companies recently helped exchange traded funds and total return bond funds to make a breakthrough in Germany.

The financial center is also of tremendous importance in the area of closed-end funds, since it is home to some of the largest German initiators in the industry.

Innovations of the asset management location Munich include:

  • First German investment company
  • First German investment fund
  • First open-ended real estate fund in Germany
  • First German money market fund
  • First DAX exchange traded funds
  • Pioneer in total return bond funds