Banks – Leading the industry

Bavaria plays a major role in the German banking system. In terms of the number of institutions, Bavaria is the largest banking center in the Federal Republic of Germany, with around 390 banks based here. These include HypoVereinsbank Unicredit Bank AG and BayernLB, two of the biggest banks in Germany. The credit institutions include 263 cooperative banks, 74 savings banks and 51 private credit institutions. This means that around a quarter of all German credit institutions are based in Bavaria – even more than in Switzerland. With more than 98,000 employees, Bavaria is the second largest employer in the banking and savings bank sector in Germany.

The financial institutions based here have lent a total of around 614 billion euros to businesses, consumers and the public sector. This represents a good 13% of the total credit volume issued in Germany. The Bavarian banks traditionally play a major role in the mortgage business, with the Munich institutes responsible for around one third of all mortgage bonds issued in Germany.

Overview of banks

Bavaria as a banking center in figures

  • Number of credit institutions: 390
  • of which private banks: 51
  • of which saving banks: 74
  • of which cooperative banks: 263
  • Other: 2
  • Number of employees: 98,078
  • Total lending volume: EUR 614 billion


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