Institutions – Support for the financial center

Thanks to the efficiency and innovative strength of the companies based here, Bavaria has developed within a few decades from being an agricultural state into a loaction renowned for its high tech and services. The Bavarian State Government, local authorities, regional and local institutions, trade associations and Chambers of Commerce have all provided substantial support to the business community.

The Bavarian State Government has thus created reliable, business-friendly framework conditions and laid the essential political foundations for Bavaria to develop into one of Europe's most influential economic regions. The public institutions, such as the economic and employment departments of the cities and municipalities, "Invest in Bavaria", the business location and location marketing initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economics, as well as LfA Foerderbank Bayern, have also played a major role in ensuring that the Free State of Bavaria enjoys a particularly pro-business and pro-innovation environment. The same applies to the banking associations, trade associations (such as vkb, the Association of the Bavarian Economy), the Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as the local Chambers of Trades and Crafts. They all help investors and local companies – without undue red tape – and thereby strengthen Munich’s role as a financial center.

Overview of institutions