Germany’s leading center for private equity and venture capital

Bavaria is the most important German federal state for the venture capital and private equity industry. Around 50 VC and private equity companies have their headquarters in Munich. In addition, numerous other German and international companies in the sector are represented in the Bavarian state capital with significant regional offices. The very high number of venture capital companies is primarily attributable to the fact that they find an ideal environment in Munich and Bavaria.

Bavaria is one of the world's most important regions in the fields of IT, medical technology and biotechnology – and it also has a very strong service sector. As a result, VC and private equity companies in Bavaria have a large number of investment opportunities, especially in those sectors that traditionally attract many VC and private equity funds. According to a recent survey (as of 12/2017), more than 18 percent of all investments made by investment companies were made by around 220 companies located in Bavaria.

Leasing and factoring – Munich is home to Germany's leaders

The Munich metropolitan area is Germany's leading region for leasing. Germany's Association of Leasing Companies' 200 members account for 90% of the country's market. Of these companies, nearly 20% are headquartered in greater Munich.


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