Stock exchange – For future-oriented trading

As an important stock exchange, Munich provides future-oriented market models and secure technologies for the trading of financial products. The Bavarian Stock Exchange has always championed innovation and an efficient capital market. Founded in 1830 by the Munich "Kaufmannsstube", it was formed to establish firm structures in the still fledgling securities trading business of the dawning industrial age and to enable companies in the region to easily raise capital for growth.

The Bavarian Stock Exchange's mission today is to ensure fair, neutral and transparent trading, to which all market participants have unrestricted access. As the owner of the Munich Stock Exchange under private law, it now operates two stock exchanges: The Munich Stock Exchange with the MAX-ONE trading system as its specialist model and gettex as its market maker model.

Investors and securities advisors today benefit from the MAX-ONE electronic trading system, which guarantees top execution of more than 22,000 securities and combines the strengths of automated stock exchange trading with the know-how of experienced securities trading houses. More than 240,000 securities and certificates can be ordered via gettex.

m:access has been a successful market segment for equity financing of medium-sized companies since 2005.

The Bavarian Stock Exchange at a glance:

  • More than 22,000 shares, bonds and funds from over 60 countries listed on the Munich Stock Exchange
  • More than 240,000 securities on gettex, including warrants and certificates
  • Over 1,200 listed ETFs and ETCs
  • Fund trading without front-end load in more than 4,800 securities
  • m:access – quality segment for medium-sized businesses with 61 companies

Bavarian Stock Exchange