Help for Bavarian newbies

There is a lot going on in Bavaria. This applies in particular to population growth: every year, around 85,000 new people move to Munich alone. Many of the new arrivals are from abroad. The city of Munich is equipped for this, however – as indeed are most of Bavaria's other large municipalities. For example, Munich’s extensive website can be viewed in German, English, French and Italian. It offers comprehensive assistance via the heading "New in Munich". English-language journals and numerous private communities also offer advice. In addition, it is normally very easy to meet your compatriots in Munich. After all, around 300,000 people living in Munich come from abroad, which is almost 25 per cent of its population.

For new arrivals in Nuremburg, the city council’s website and the German-American Institute Nuremburg are interesting online reference points. Its website provides links to German-American associations, international schools and kindergartens.

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