Centered in its capital city of Munich, Bavaria is home to one of Europe's most important financial communities.     

The mission of fpmi - the Munich Financial Center Initiative - is to provide the networking services and position-formulation activities linking its member companies, institutes, institutions and associations into an organization capable of effectively advocating its interests on the national and international level, of pooling and deploying expertise and other resources among each other, and of making the world aware of the sector's import and impact.

To that end, we undertake the following activities:

  • Via position papers and meetings with representatives of official bodies and institutions, we provide input into the operations undertaken to further the development of Europe’s financial system and into the legislation requisite to achieve that end.
  • We support enhancing Bavaria’s position as a base capable of surmounting increasing competitive pressures.
  • We provide the platforms and other channels of communication leading to tight linkages of startups, SMEs, providers of VC, banks and other participants in financing processes. Along the supply of our expertise, these linkages lead to increasing of the efficacy and throughput of these processes, and to the development of new financing models.
  • We supply the resources and knowhow promoting the further development of the infrastructure availed upon by the financial community in Munich and in Bavaria as a whole, and bringing about linkages among scientific institutes and sector companies.
  • Through the provision of information on and contacts to the local financial industry, through the staging of events, and through the optimizing of operating conditions, we work to secure the inflows of investment, expertise and personnel – including those from abroad – requisite to pursue the expansion of Munich’s financial community.
  • In pursuing our activities, we maintain an exchange of ideas with institutions and other financial centres in Europe.


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