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Bavaria, with Munich at its heart, is one of the most important financial centers in Europe. In the Munich Financial Centre Initiative, companies, associations, institutions as well as scientific and governmental institutions have come together to further enhance the strong position of Bavaria – and Munich in particular – in the competition between international financial centers. The founding of the Initiative is largely attributable to the efforts of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The task and goal of the Munich Financial Centre Initiative is to draw attention to Bavaria and bring the statements and suggestions of this financial center more in the spotlight. The following aspects are the focal points:

  • We aim to help shape the European financial center, participate in the legislative projects of the European Union or the Federal Government and submit proposals that strive to improve the legal framework
  • We support Bavaria's efforts to consolidate its position in the increasingly competitive international marketplace.
  • We want to improve financing processes and stimulate the development of new financing models. In this context, we are intensifying communication in the areas of SME financing and venture capital and helping to facilitate the coming together of investors and young growth companies or medium-sized companies.
  • We support the further development of the economic and financial infrastructure in Munich and Bavaria. The focus of our activities is on connecting the relevant facilities and institutions and promoting cooperation between science and practice.
  • With the aid of up-to-date information regarding the financial center and its members as well as a dedicated calendar containing the important events in Munich and Bavaria, we aim to facilitate access to the financial center for interested parties and stakeholders, inform them about current events and the relevant procedures in the financial center as well as strengthen the identity of the financial center and its community.
  • We facilitate a regular exchange of ideas with other organizations, financial centers and initiatives.


All information on fpmi can be found in the downloadable brochure (in German).

Information on StMWi

You can also find information on fpmi on the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs website (in German).
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