Oberbank AG

Oberbank was founded in 1869 by Carl Franz Planck in Linz (Austria) as "Bank fuer Oberösterreich und Salzburg" (Bank for Upper Austria and Salzburg) and is now Austria's oldest independent stock bank.

Together with its sister banks BKS Bank and BTV, Oberbank forms the 3-Bank Group; they are jointly represented by branches throughout Austria and in neighboring countries. Oberbank has always consistently focused on conservative values and traditional banking business: sustainable management and long-standing client relationships guarantee the highest level of continuity and provide customers with dependability, stability and maximum security. The strategic objectives of the regional bank "in the heart of Europe" are based on this foundation of values. The primary goal is to maintain independence and autonomy so that decisions can continue to be made for the region in the region.

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Oberbank AG Niederlassung Deutschland

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