Munich Stock Exchange

The Munich Stock Exchange provides an ideal combination of the traditional and the modern. Germany's third-largest exchange, founded back in 1830, has developed into one of Europe's most innovative securities trading centers. Among other things, this is evident in the SME segment, M:access, as well as Max-One, the trading system developed by the Munich Stock Exchange and introduced in 2003. This system guarantees the exchange will transact an order immediately and completely at the best price – and thus considers the needs of private investors in particular in a unique manner. This service is one of the reasons why the Munich Stock Exchange has recently been able to significantly expand its market share. The Munich Stock Exchange launched in October 2009 its Greenmarket segment. Traded on it are emission certificates.
Munich and its environs are also the headquarters of several securities trading firms, among them Baader Bank AG and MWB Fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG. These are among the leading securities trading banks in the Federal Republic and are some of the institutions that guarantee the advantages of Max-One.


Bayerische Börse AG

Bayerische Börse AG

The operator of Munich Stock Exchange and the Munich Financial Center Initiative’s agency.

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