Bavarian Head Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Deutsche Bundesbank is the national central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since the establishment of the European Monetary Union (EMU), it has been responsible for ensuring monetary stability as part of the Eurosystem, together with the other national central banks of the euro area and the European Central Bank.

In order to be able to offer central bank services nationwide, the Bundesbank has nine central administrations and 35 branches throughout Germany. In Bavaria, monetary policy is implemented by the Munich-based head office and its five branches in Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Regensburg and Wurzburg. In the Free State, the head office and branches maintain a variety of relationships with their business partners: banks, public bodies and companies. At the helm of the head office is the President, who also acts as the contact for the aforementioned institutions and is responsible for the Bundesbank's public relations work in Bavaria.

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Hauptverwaltung in Bayern der Deutschen Bundesbank

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