TUM Technische Universität München – Lehrstuhl für Finanzmanagement und Kapitalmärkte – Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer

The Chair's focus is on capital markets research including such topics as corporate finance, corporate governance, banking, asset management, private equity and project finance.

Prof. Dr. Kaserer and his team divide their research areas into Empirical Finance (Multi-factor models and asset pricing, Event studies, Capital market anomalies, Estimation of risk premia, Market liquidity); Corporate Finance / Corporate Governance (Owner and board structures, Management compensation and turnover, Capital Structure and Dividend policy, Family firms, Private equity and venture capital) and Valuation and Risk Management (Firm valuation, Cash-flow risk modeling, Project valuation, Financing of infrastructure and energy projects, Risk management).

On its homepage, the chair offers an overview of its main areas of teaching and research and introduces the chair team as well as the partner institutions.