R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

R+V Versicherung AG (Raiffeisen- und Volksbanken Versicherung) is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany and the parent company of the R+V Group.

R+V's product range includes all known types of insurances for private customers – both standard products and individual provision options, from vehicle liability insurance to personal pension plans. In its corporate customer business, R+V has traditionally been closely associated with medium-sized companies in the retail, craft, commercial and agricultural sectors. R+V corporate customer specialists develop industry-specific hedging concepts for these clients. Independent rating agencies repeatedly confirm the company's excellent services and financial strength as well as the quality of its products.

Facts & Figures

R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

Kunden- und Vertriebsdirektion Süd-Ost

Türkenstraße 22-24

80333 München

Telefon: +49 89 57091 517

E-Mail: ruv@ruv.de

Homepage: www.ruv.de