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fpmi's brochure provides you with a succinct and hard-hitting overview of Munich's financial community and its players
> Read it, print it out! (PDF, 685 kB)


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Solvency II and Basel III - The reform of Europe’s system of insurance and banking regulation and its effects upon corporate financing (An appraisal written on behalf of Finanzplatz München Initiative)
> appraisal commissioned by the fpmi (PDF, 8 MB)
Munich Financial Centre Initiative Position Paper on the occasion of the members‘ visit to Brussels on 2/3 February 2011
> fpmi Position Paper on the visit to Brussels (PDF, 267 kB)
The financial industry's hotly discussed issues - fpmi's expert positions
> Expert Positions, fpmi Position Paper (PDF, 233 kB)
Better than more regulations
> fpmi position paper (PDF, 72kB)
Financial crisis` lesson: enact stronger regulations
> Position Paper Financial Market Crisis (PDF, 49 kB)