ADAC ranks Munich’s public transport system number one in Europe

by Finanzplatz München Initiative

Munich has the best public transportation in Europe. Those are the findings of the latest EuroTest rankings compiled by Germany’s ADAC and by fifteen other automobile clubs in fourteen countries. Ranked were the public transportation systems in 23 European metropolises.

Munich received the only “very good” mark, with eleven being adjudged to be “good”, nine “satisfactory”, one “unsatisfactory” and one “very unsatisfactory”.

Winning this high honor were the speed of travel (with this especially holding true in Munich’s downtown), ease of transfer between bus, subway, regional railway and tram, and quality of information (supplied at stops) provided by Munich’s public transport system. Also gaining high marks were the system’s “convincingly excellent” Website and its high level of barrier freedom.

The only criticism offered by the study was the ticket prices, which were found to be higher than those elsewhere in Europe. However, in the opinion of the testers, these prices are justified by the “highly attractive connections offered by the system”. 

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