In 2008, as in the years before: Munich is Germany's top ranked city

by Finanzplatz München Initiative

Repeating past performances, Munich placed first in 2008’s rankings of Germany’s cities compiled by Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (Institute of the German Economy) for Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM) and for authoritative business weekly “Wirtschaftswoche”. The study ranked Germany’s 50 largest cities according to their business and employee friendliness, to availability and quality of jobs, and to quality of life and society.

That Munich finished first in the overall rankings is attributable to its having earned top placements in a number of key indicators. Among them: purchasing power. Munich’s amounts to nearly €25,600 per capita-best in Germany and more than €7,100 above the average of the cities incorporated into the rankings. Other strong finishes are in the labor market and demographics indicators. Munich has the lowest unemployment rate of Germany’s largest cities, and accordingly, the lowest average number of unemployment benefit recipients.

The results for 2008 set forth Munich’s winning streak. The city had finished first in the four previous annual rankings.

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