INSM’s 2009 rankings of Germany’s cities: yet another first place finish for Munich

by Finanzplatz München Initiative

Munich is the best place to do business and live among Germany’s fifty major cities. That’s the finding of the 2009 edition of the annual study conducted by INSM (the Institute for a New Market Economy) and by WirtschaftsWoche, the authoritative business weekly.

The study was launched in 2003 and uses 96 socioeconomic indicators to compile its rankings. Munich has finished first in all six of the rankings’ years.

“None of Germany’s other 50 largest cities has developed as well as Munich during 2003-2008,” notes INSM.

The indicators include best operating conditions for business, availability of attractive jobs, and highest quality of life.
The 2009 study found that Munich has the highest overall level of performance of Germany’s cities.

“Bavaria’s capital city has the highest per capita taxable income and purchasing power of any city in the country. Munich also has the fewest number of unemployment recipients, and the country’s second lowest rate of unemployment, plus the second highest percentage of highly-qualified staff members,” stated Dieter Rath, INSM’s CEO, in explaining his institute’s findings.

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