Munich as a Business Location - Facts and Figures 2019

by Presse

The report on Munich's business loaction provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date outline of the many and varied aspects of Munich’s economy.

"The numbers and tables paint a clear picture of a modern, dynamic business base with huge upside potential – witness the impressive data for economic performance, purchasing power, employment and unemployment. Munich’s success is rooted in the singular diversity of its economic structure. In the Bavarian capital, global market leaders rub shoulders with a  healthy array of medium-sized companies representing a broad spectrum of industries, as well as a large number of smaller firms and skilled craft businesses.

A hub of dynamic innovation, Munich is well placed for the future. Recent rankings find that, in terms of digitization, the city itself and the surrounding region occupy an outstanding position compared to other large German cities. Moreover, digitization is long since impacting the city’s labor market, as can be seen from the qualification and activity profiles of local employees.

This publication also highlights some of the city’s other strengths: as a startup hub, a knowledge repository and a popular destination for tourists. Data for trade fair operator Messe München and for Munich Airport testify to the impressive capabilities of Munich’s public infrastructure and facilities, which are underpinned by a healthy financial structure. Facts about current developments on the Munich office property market, major projects and construction plans in the pipeline round off this brief panorama." (Munich as a Business Loaction, 2019, p. 2)

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