Munich as a business location - Facts and Figures

by Landeshauptstadt München

Dear Reader,

This brochure contains few words but many numbers. We have deliberately avoided commentary, as the facts and fgures speak for themselves, giving you a broad, updated overview of the many and varied aspects of Munich’s economy.

The numbers, tables and diagrams paint a clear picture of the Bavarian capital as a business location with huge potential – witness the impressive employment and unemployment fgures, as well as the data and indicators for key high-tech industries and clusters.

Munich’s success as a business hub is rooted above all in the pronounced diversity of its economic structure. Nearly all branches of industry that are important to the German economy do not merely have a presence but constitute key sectors in Munich. Prime examples include information and communication technology, medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and the cultural and creative industries. While the latter is known to drive innovation in Munich, it also adds value in its own right and thus makes a signifcant contribution to the city’s wider economy.

Established global brands line up alongside ambitious start-ups in Munich’s unique cast of economic actors. The whole, colorful spectrum of the city’s economic structure is reflected in a list of selected companies that have a footprint in this region.

Alongside key economic data, the brochure also highlights a number of Munich’s other strengths – as a venue for higher education and science and as a popular tourist destination, for example. Data for trade fair operator Messe München and the city’s airport testify to the impressive performance of Munich’s public infrastructure and facilities. Facts about the development of its offce property market, major projects in the pipeline and construction planning round off a complete picture of this flourishing, energetic south German city.

Josef Schmid
Deputy Mayor and
Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Developmen

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