Munich is one of the two cities in Germany with the best economic future

by Finanzplatz München Initiative

Since 2001, Capital, the German business magazine, has commissioned Feri, the economic research institute, with the compilation of annual rankings of the country’s 60 leading cities. Ranked are the cities’ economic prospects. Indicators used are forecasts of the development expected of the cities’ economic output, labor markets, populations and purchasing power.

Repeating the past year’s performance, Munich placed second in the 2011 rankings, whose term of forecast is the period extending until 2017. Munich did especially well in the area of the development of population. Feri’s researchers expect the number of persons living in Munich to grow by 2.8% over the next five and a half years – by far the strongest rise forecast to be achieved by Germany’s largest cities.

Munich finished in the top three in the category of change in economic output, which is forecast by Feri to increase in the city by 18.6% in the period extending until 2017. The number of jobs will rise by 5.9% during that time. The economic forecasters also foresee the purchasing power of Munich’s inhabitants as staging a substantial, 12.4% jump. This rise places Munich among Germany’s best performers in this area. Noteworthy about this climb is the base upon which it will be achieved. Munich’s purchasing power is already greater than any other city in Germany – with the exception of Hamburg.

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