Prognos’ 2009 study of Germany’s sunrise sectors and their regions: Munich finishes first in two fields, third overall

by Finanzplatz München Initiative

Which of Germany’s 413 regions and cities are home to the most sunrise sectors, and which thus have the greatest potential for further growth in the next five to ten years? The answer to this highly pertinent question is provided by a study recently conducted by Prognos, the renowned Swiss research institute, on behalf of Handelsblatt, Germany’s business daily.

The study ranks the city of Munich a gratifyingly high third overall, with the county of Munich finishing a strong 22. These rankings were impelled by the city of Munich’s first place finish in B2B and research services (one of the seven sunrise sectors comprised in the survey). The county and city finished first and third in the key field of ICT (information and communication technologies).

The seven fields defined by Prognos to be the engines of Germany’s growth in the years to come are the health industry, ICT, automotive engineering, logistics, B2B and research services, industrial engineering, and measuring, operational and regulation technologies. All of these enable the adding of value assuring further prosperity.

Commenting the Handelsblatt study, Rolf Sternberg, professor of economic geography at the University of Hanover, stated: “Launched in the years after World War II, effective and purposefully pursued business development policies have transformed the Munich region from an economic backwater to being a base for advanced industries and services.”

Further Information

> Prognos’ 2009 study of Germany’s sunrise sectors and their regions (Website in German)
> Zukunftsatlas Branchen 2009, (PDF in German, 561 KB)

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